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This coffee is exceptional because of its cocoa like mouth-feel and milk chocolaty smoothness, balanced acidity and richness
Location: Huehuetenago, Guatemala
Altitude: 1400 to 1850 meters
Varietal: Bourbon,Caturra,Pache
Process: Fully Washed
Grade: Strictly Hard Bean
San Pedro Necta coffee is certified organic and fair trade.

Guatemala Huehuetenago

  • an Pedro Necta is a small and hilly town in Huehuetenango. Agriculture is generally certified organic in the area, as the community has chosen this path with the goal of sustainably producing specialty coffee and distinguishing themselves from larger estates located further away in the municipality. Protecting shade and soil biodiversity has been critical as well. The local association, Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral de San Pedro Necta, or ASODESI, helps consolidate equipment purchases and has launched a medical and education initiative.
    To contribute, they’ve planted fruit and vegetable gardens and started raising chickens, pigs and cows.
    This initiative by COMSA aims to promote gender equality at the farms and throughout the community.

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