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A spicy and complex blend with notes of dark chocolate, licorice, cherries and fresh peppery herbs. Blended to bring out the fruity sweetness of one origin and the rich full body boldness of the other.
Varietal: Arabica, Bourbon,(S795 & USDA762) Typica, Catimor
Certified: Organic – Fair Trade
This a blend we came up with when developing one of our client's house espresso but roasted to keep all the subtle floral flavors intact.
Perfect for any brewing style.

Dark Bunny Blend

  • This is our first dark blend. It is named for Asnakech Thomas who goes by the nickname, Bunny . Native to the Amaro region, Asnakech runs the coop to improve the coffee quality and living conditions of her community. The Indonesian coffee we chose to pair it with blends well for taste as well as philosophy. Both producers take pride in their care for the coffee, land and environment.
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